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Performance Based Seller Management

With the results of a profile driven Seller Scorecard Report the investor has a tool that will allow them to manage their seller relationships based on the seller's performance. Implementations of Performance Based Seller Management may include:
  • Performance Based Volume Incentives. The seller is paid an additional 5 bps for all production over 5 Million as long as the seller maintains a Seller Scorecard Rating of "A".
  • Performance Based Service Release Premiums. Sellers are issued periodic custom service release premium schedules based on their Seller Score Rating.
  • Exceptions and Waivers. Sellers are granted loan exceptions and/or waivers based on their Seller Scorecard Rating.
  • Marketing Premiums and other recognition. Typically, during the holidays investors send their sellers Christmas Cards; however, their best sellers normally get a premium gift basket. The Seller Scorecard Report can help the investor determine which sellers get what.
When implemented correctly a Seller Performance Monitoring program enhances the investor to seller relationship. It lets the seller know exactly where he stands with the investor. Good account managers will start to see even the negative feedback as opportunities to interact with their customers or cut dead weight. Risk managers will be able to report and trend a seller's performance improvements or decreases over periods of time and provide an early warning when the trend is going in a negative direction.

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