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Sample Debt To Income (DTI) Statistics Report

The Debt To Income (DTI) Statistics Report in this sample provides a seller with feedback, in the form of a LendingRisk Score SM, on the state of their relationship with the investor. The LendingRisk ScoreSM can be numerical or descriptive depending on the preference of the investor.

The debt to income statistic report in this sample displays the percentage of loans by DTI ratio bucket that the seller has delivered to the investor. Results are typically displayed in tables, charts and graphs and can be as complex or simple as the investor desires. The results are measured against a statistical debt to income profile to determine the seller's LendingRisk ScoreSM. The following is an extract from a comprehensive seller scorecard report.

Debt to Income (DTI) Distribution Report
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Sample 1 - Purchased Loan Debt To Income Distribution Report

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